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Original OEM toppings for the 3 Series E30: M3 (1988-1991)

2821A5 2776A5 2728GR

Aftermarket Topping Options

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*Not all toppings are available for all models. Please contact your local distributor for details.




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Our Ultralite® and Regalite® press polished windows are manufactured of thermoplastic vinyl material with a highly polished finish. These windows, manufactured by O’Sullivan Films, offer superb dimensional stability, excellent clarity and weathering capabilities, good RF and heat sealability. Each meets or exceeds the material requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the American National Standards (ANSI) Code for safety glazing materials for motor vehicles operating on land and highways (Z26.1), including luminous transmittance, chemical resistance, flammability and weathering
Does Poor UV Resistance Have You in a Haze? Get a Clearer View!

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These cables are used to control and anchor the top to the frame. The help prevent shrinkage of the top and work to control air flow helping to further reduce noise inside the car.


All part numbers listed on this website are E-Z ON Part Numbers only! Each distributor may use a different numbering system in their inventory, but will be able to find any of our products by the numbers listed below.

E-Z ON Part Numbers for 1988-1991 BMW (E30) M3
WC 613HR Top with Plastic Window (Handrolled Vinyl Binding) (Manual Top)
WC 613CB Top with Plastic Window (Cloth Binding) (Manual Top)
WC 612HR Top with Plastic Window (Handrolled Vinyl Binding) (Power Top)
WC 612CB Top with Plastic Window (Cloth Binding) (Power Top)
CS 613 Side Tension Cables – Measures 36 1/2″ Long