All of our materials are cut using state-of-the-art Gerber computerized cutting equipment. The individual parts are designed using the latest CAD equipment and inspected by our expert design staff before the actual top is cut for production. All of the finishing bindings used in production match the texture and color of the topping. The main seams are all double-stitched for strength and durability. Vinyl and cloth tops are heat-sealed on the outside and cloth tops receive an additional heat-seal with hot-tape on the inside of the top. Both of theses processes ensure a waterproof seal. Our tops are all sewn with premium polyester threads which are UV protected to ensure the longevity of the top. This top includes rubber secondary weather seals to further ensure a weatherproof, tight seal against the door windows and the top.

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Original OEM toppings for the 1996-2002 BMW (E37) Z3

  2061SG 1981SG 1973SG 1991SG 1980SG

Aftermarket Topping Options

CLICK HERE for a full list of available toppings.
*Not all toppings are available for all models. Please contact your local distributor for details.




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Our Ultralite® and Regalite® press polished windows are manufactured of thermoplastic vinyl material with a highly polished finish. These windows, manufactured by O’Sullivan Films, offer superb dimensional stability, excellent clarity and weathering capabilities, good RF and heat sealability. Each meets or exceeds the material requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the American National Standards (ANSI) Code for safety glazing materials for motor vehicles operating on land and highways (Z26.1), including luminous transmittance, chemical resistance, flammability and weathering
Does Poor UV Resistance Have You in a Haze? Get a Clearer View!

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The headliner attatches to the bows underneath the frame providing a finished look to your new top. The headliner also has acoustical properties reducing road noise and provides further insulation for better temperature control. The headliner also retracts into the well area and remains hidden when the top is down. This model is also offered with a foam backing!


When replacing your convertible top, don’t forget to replace those old worn out pads at the same time! These convertible top pads are positioned between the metal frame work and the cloth/vinyl top to protect the top material from rubbing damage when the top is raised and lowered. These pads meet the OEM standards and also provide a snug fit and smooth outer appearance!


These cables are used to control and anchor the top to the frame. The help prevent shrinkage of the top and work to control air flow helping to further reduce noise inside the car.


All part numbers listed on this website are E-Z ON Part Numbers only! Each distributor may use a different numbering system in their inventory, but will be able to find any of our products by the numbers listed below.

E-Z ON Part Numbers for 1996-2002 BMW (E37) Z3
BV 546 BEST VALUE Top with Plastic Window
WC 646R Top with Plastic Window (with Relief Pockets, Plastic Retainers & Cables)
CS 646 Repair Kit for Side Tension Cables – Measures 14″ Long
PF 646 Quarter Pads (Webbing)
HL 646 Headliner (Charcoal Twill)